Kirin launches ‘Japan-inspired’ cider range exclusive to Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 16th October 2013

Japan-based brewing company Kirin has launched a range of premium alcoholic ciders exclusively in Australia, distributed by food and beverage company Lion.

Developed in association with Kirin Japan’s Master Blender, Hideaki Kito, Lion said the four ciders are “infused with Japanese-inspired flavours”.

“Using traditional Japanese flavours, we have created a range of premium ciders that we believe are perfect for the Australian market,” said Hideaki Kito. “Each of our ciders has been considered, balanced and perfected to deliver a range of truly unique flavour expression,” he said.

The Kirin Cider range includes:

Fuji Apple: an apple cider made with freshly crushed juice, then sweetened with Fuji Apples.

Fuji Apple and Mikan: an apple cider with added Mikan (Japanese for Mandarin).

Fuji Apple and Ume: an apple cider with added Ume (a Japanese plum) for a slightly sour flavour.

Fuji Apple and Ginger: an apple cider infused with ginger for added “warmth” and spice.

“We are incredibly excited about the launch of Kirin Cider in Australia,” said Matt Tapper, national Marketing Director at Lion. “Inspired by Kirin’s Japanese heritage, the range offers something for everyone; from experimental cider lovers wanting to try new flavour combinations, to foodies who appreciate the pleasure of matching their food to their drink, to those who are new to drinking cider,” he said.

“We know there is a huge demand for new, distinctive ciders in Australia. This truly differentiated range of Kirin ciders will give drinkers an exciting, fresh choice that’s perfect for the Australian palate,” Mr Tapper said.

Kirin Cider is a permanent addition to Lion’s cider portfolio and will be available nationally in 500mL bottles from 1 October 2013.

Australian Food News reported in August 2013 that cider drinking was on the rise in Australia, especially among younger consumers.

The new Kirin Cider range