New ‘encyclopedia’ of meat cuts app helps consumers make the most of animal, nose to tail

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 16th December 2013

A new mobile phone app, called Nose to Tail, that provides consumers and chefs with information about more than 200 cuts of meat has been launched in Australia.

The Nose to Tail app offers information about cuts of meat from four different animals (cow, chicken, lamb and pig). Each cut includes in-depth detail about the anatomy, recommended preparation, history, and common dishes. The developers of the app said so much detail is available because Nose to Tail has a comprehensive list of cuts that include uncommon parts of the animal that are often overlooked, including offal.

The app promotes the full use of the animal, and includes hand-drawn images for each cut, as well as animal diagrams to demonstrate the location of butcher primal areas and cuts. To encourage discovery of the large catalogue, the developers said cuts are categorised and can be browsed through both cooking methods and suggested uses, and anatomically through animal diagrams.

The app was developed by Brisbane-based Company Socket Software and is available for iOS and Android devices for $0.99 with ‘In App” purchases.

Nose To Tail app shows all the cuts of a beef on a cow