Australia’s top 10 favourite seafoods in 2013

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th December 2013

Atlantic Salmon topped the list of Australia’s top 10 seafoods in 2013, according to information compiled by the Australian Government’s Fisheries Research and Development Council (FRDC).

The FRDC said that Atlantic Salmon, like many other oily fish species, is “particularly high in long-chain Omega-3 oils, which have positive effects on the heart, the eyes, brain development in babies and can even help improve mood”.

The ‘top ten’ list, compiled from recent Australian Fisheries Statistics report, saw wild-caught prawns come in second place, followed by oysters in third place.

Wild-caught fresh tuna was fourth on the list of Australia’s favourite seafoods in 2013. A large proportion of the tuna Australians consume is farmed, according to the FRDC, but most of the time the fish are born in the wild, then “ranched” into an aquaculture facility for fattening. Recently, scientists managed to hatch tuna larvae in captivity, so future farmed tuna may come from hatcheries rather than the ocean, according to the FRDC.

Shark was fifth on the list. The FRDC said these predators “form an important part of our annual seafood selection”. To ensure sharks remain on the menu and in the oceans, the FRDC said research is being conducted to develop a report card to guide fisheries managers, fishers and consumers alike.

Crabs were in sixth place, followed by farmed Barramundi. The FRDC said farmed Barramundi could be enjoyed “guilt-free” because aquaculture “is a sustainable activity with proper management and processes in place”.

Mullet came in eighth on the list, followed by Flathead in ninth place. Farmed prawns rounded out the top ten list of most consumed Australian seafood. The FRDC said the prawn aquaculture industry provided over 300 full-time jobs in Queensland alone.

Australia’s Top 20 Seafoods in 2013

  1. Farmed Atlantic Salmon, 43,989 tonnes

  2. Wild-caught prawns, 18,596 tonnes

  3. Oysters, 15,745 tonnes

  4. Wild-caught tuna, 7,554 tonnes

  5. Wild-caught shark, 6,003 tonnes

  6. Wild-caught crab, 5,090 tonnes

  7. Farmed Barramundi, 4,498 tonnes

  8. Wild-caught mullet, 4,418 tonnes

  9. Wild-caught flathead, 4,059 tonnes

  10. Farmed prawns, 3,491 tonnes

  11. Wild-caught whiting, 3,441 tonnes

  12. Farmed Blue mussel, 3,404 tonnes

  13. Wild-caught squid, 2,885 tonnes

  14. Wild-caught Australian salmon, 2,604 tonnes

  15. Wild-caught scallop, 2,344 tonnes

  16. Wild-caught barramundi, 2,259 tonnes

  17. Wild-caught pink ling, 1,217 tonnes

  18. Wild-caught Spanish mackerel, 1,714 tonnes

  19. Wild-caught bream, 1,201 tonnes

  20. Wild-caught dories, 818 tonnes


Prawns are among the top 10 seafoods for Australians in 2013