D’lite Food launches new ‘high dietary fibre’ drinks range

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 15th January 2014
The new Slendier "high dietary fibre" drink

Australian health food manufacturer D’lite Food Pacific has launched a new range of drinks called Slendier Drinks in Australia, which it says are “high in dietary fibre” and designed to “keep hunger at bay, reduce snacking and assist in weight loss”.

D’lite Food Pacific specialises in distributing “low calorie dietary options” including pasta, noodles and rice made from Konjac — a low calorie root vegetable cultivated in Asia and sometimes used as a dietary supplement for weight loss.

The Company said its Slendier Drinks range “contain only 10-11 calories per sachet”. There are three flavours available in the range: Acai and Blueberry, Mango and Coconut, and Pomegrantate and Aloe Vera.

The drinks come in powdered form in sachets. Each sachet makes one 200 mL drink when mixed with water.

The drinks are available in the health food aisle at selected supermarkets across Australia for RRP $10.25 (7 sachets).

The Australian-based brand was launched in 2009 by Japanese-born Mai V. Haven and was previously known as SlimPasta. The Slendier brand also includes foods such as Slendier Rice, a Slendier Pasta range, and Slendier Noodles. D’Lite Food Pacific said its Slendier products “contain no wheat, flour, gluten or eggs”.

“I wanted to share the benefits of Konjac with other Australians and so I created a range of products that would help people lose weight and lead healthier lives, easily,” Ms Haven said. “People can enjoy all of their favourite rice, pasta and noodle dishes while dramatically reducing their calorie intake simply by swapping to the Slendier range,” she said.

What is Konjac?

Konjac (pronounced ‘con-jack’) is a root vegetable that has been cultivated in Asian countries for hundreds of years. D’Lite Food Pacific said this “superfood” is “very high in fibre and helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol while slowing glucose absorption”.

Known as the “devil’s tongue” for its unusual appearance, D’Lite Food Pacific said research indicates that Konjac contains soluble fibres such as glucomannan, which may delay the emptying of the stomach by creating a thick gel.