Aerial thermography of large industrial plants

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 20th July 2015

Locating weak points in electrical switchgear or on buil­dings using thermography has become state of the art. However, it is difficult to get an unlimited overview in large industrial plants and due to limited access, any detailed analysis is very time-consuming or almost impossible. Modern drones can provide an overview from the air and can provide interesting close-ups of certain locations.bestech drone

As well as basic measurement services, German company „SHS-Luftbild“ also builds customer-specific drone systems with perfectly coordinated camera technology. In terms of thermography, one drone relies on the thermaIMAGER camera from Micro-Epsilon, of which the lightweight version (LW) is specially developed for flight applications. TIM series can be only purchased from Bestech Australia in ANZ

Applications of aerial view thermography are diverse. As well as examining solar power plants in order to detect cell failures and module errors, there are also applications in the energy industry where, for example, circuit brea­kers, busbar connectors and surge protectors are inspec­ted for any weak points. Other fields of application are in the chemical industry for leakage detection and for the thermography of large buildings.


Fast overview of large plants and buildings

Detailed close-ups of interesting measuring points

View of high voltage installations under load from a safe distance

Requirements for the measurement system:

Lightweight design and low power consumption

Integrated data acquisition on SD card

Video signal transmission via radio connection

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