Lucky Cashew Meal hits supermarket shelves

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 16th November 2015

Lucky NutsLucky Nuts has launched a new cashew meal product in Australia.


Made of grounded cashews, the meal is a flour alternative, similar to almond meal.


Lucky Nuts says the cashew meal can be used in wheat-free baking and as an substitute to breadcrumbs. The meal can also be added to smoothies, protein balls or curries.


Nutritionist for Lucky Nuts, Kara Landau, says that the meal includes protein, iron, magnesium and zinc.


“Its high level of zinc also helps to fight infections. This higher than any other tree nut,” said Landau.


Lucky Nuts is owned by Select Harvest and sells a variety of nuts and nut-based products including almond, hazelnut and pine nut offerings. The company was started when founder Allen Leach started producing confectionery in Canterbury, Victoria in 1957.


Lucky Nuts Cashew Meal is available now from Coles supermarkets. The recommended retail price is AUD$7.99 and it is made from cashews sourced from Vietnam.