From Vegan Foods to Eating in Moderation

Posted by Sponsored Content on 2nd September 2016


Australians are in the driver’s seat when it comes to global food trends. The country is leading the way in two of the most distinct eating trends in the world: veganism and a not-so-fad diet called eating in moderation. But why is there a hunger for these specific trends and how to get involved.

Going vegan

According to Google Trends, Australian’s have topped the search engines list on worldwide searches for the word “vegan”. The country is not just curious about the way of eating, but vegetarian restaurants and specialised stores for veganism have been popping up in greater numbers.

Experts believe the sudden interest in animal-free foods has been driven by technology. Not only has it made people more able to find about veganism and to understand it better, but technology has also opened up people’s eyes to the problems in our current food production culture. Documentaries and stories about animal cruelty, mass farming and the ills of modern diet have made people question their food choices and to turn to a more plant-focused diets.

Veganism is an easily accessible way of life. Campaigns such as the Meat Free Mondays make it easy to get started and shopping for vegan foods couldn’t more be easier. Furthermore, the lifestyle won’t have to break your budget. With online shopping and the updated offers listed on, you can browse for a wide range of options from a number of vegan focused food shops.

Just go with moderation

But interestingly, another trend is influencing the country’s foodies and this time it isn’t anything to do with staying ahead trends. While veganism, together with other healthy eating diets, is essentially telling people to eat this, but not that, a counter culture is getting sick of the ideas of green juices, limiting carbs or only eating protein.

An Australian group, The Moderation Movement, is telling food lovers to chill and focus on moderation, not the latest fads. The idea is rather simple; the group is advocating for cooking your own foods and bringing back the enjoyment of food. Instead of looking at it as the only way to health or a source of happiness, we should understand the need of food, but also to enjoy it – in moderation.

The idea of eating kale or adding a touch of wheatgrass to your omelettes isn’t a bad one, but becoming obsessively interested in finding these super foods, limiting specific foods and watching the scale can lead to problems. You don’t need to eat kale if you hate it, as you can simply fill your plate with other healthy greens such as spinach and broccoli.

The next time you are shopping for foods, focus on enjoyment and balance. Don’t just opt for the doughnuts, but learn to love vegetables and cooking your own foods. According to experts, you need to remain intuitive and focus on how you feel. Use resources such as Australian Food News to find out more about the effects of food and pick a few recipe blogs to get you started on simple home cooking.