Australian Food News is the premier news website for the food industry in Australia. With over 50,000* unique users viewing over 100,000 pages per month and over 7,200 e-Newsletter subscribers. Key-decision makers from food manufacturing, retail, distribution, education, research and government all turn to Australian Food News.

Online Statistics

  • Average monthly unique users: 51,103*
  • Average monthly visits: 66,643*
  • Average monthly page views: 102,750*
  • Fortnightly e-Newsletter subscribers: 7,267**
  • 12,000 articles published since 2008
  • Average e-Newsletter open rate: 33%**
  • Average e-Newsletter click through rate: 10%**
Source: *Google analytics 3 month average March, April, May  2018, **Mailchimp verified

Our Audience

  • 33% CEO, business owner or senior management
  • 17% middle management
  • 50% in companies with more than 200 employees
  • 97% work in Australia
Source: 2014 user survey


  • 68% Women
  • 32% Men
Source: Facebook Audience stats

Women Audience

Source: Facebook Audience stats


Australian Food News is unique, reliable and relevant to the food industry. The Australian Food News network reports, filters and edits comprehensive food news as it happens. It ensures our readers are up to date with the latest information from Australia and overseas and offers advertisers an unrivalled audience of key-decision makers. Australian Food News focuses on the news that matters for manufacturers, importers, distributors and purchasers in the food industry.

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