Application to extend legal permissions for innovative sweetener

Posted by Ian Grinblat on 9th November 2016

An application from Illinois-based PureCircle Limited has been made to Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) to amend the definition of steviol glycosides in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (FSC).

The steviol glycosides are expected to provide many future foods with intense sweetening but without adding kilojoules.

The application seeks to amend the FSC to include all minor steviol glycosides extracted from the stevia leaf.

FSANZ is now calling for submissions on permitting a broader range of steviol glycosides permitted in the US, EU, Asia and Latin America.

At present, 10 steviol glycosides are used as sugar-free sweeteners in Australia.  They are completely kilojoule free (non-caloric) and have been used for many years in Asia and South America.

The additional minor steviol glycosides are claimed to provide improved flavour and taste to those currently permitted.

The closing date for submissions is 19 December, 2016.

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