Red Rooster takes new direction with “Reggies” stores

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 20th March 2017

Red Rooster, one of Craveable Brands' restaurants

Fast food chicken chain, Red Rooster, is expanding into more urban areas with a new-look brand and shop front.

The new shops will be smaller in size than traditional Red Roster restaurants and will go by a different name, “Reggies”.

Chief Executive Officer of Red Rooster, Chris Green, said the new move follows on from the chain’s decision to go into delivery in 2016.

“The next step-change is ‘Project Reggie’, with the aim to open twelve shopfronts in 2017, the smaller footprint of Reggie will enable us to secure more urban, main street sites,” Green said.

Size does matter for Red Rooster

Red Rooster said the design of each Reggie shop will be “contemporary” with some stores as small as 42sqm, focused on delivery and pick-up, rather than dining-in.

The first Reggie shop will open in Goulburn in regional New South Wales, followed by others in Ashgrove Queensland, North Ward, Queensland and Northbridge, Western Australia. All of these stores will open in April 2017.

Chief Property Officer at Red Rooster, Anthony Shina, said Reggie shops will feature soft wood tones, charcoal highlights and the “iconic Red Rooster red” colour.

“The Reggie store design features the chicken cooking process on full display through the opening of the kitchen and is definitely a new and exciting direction for the brand,” Shina said.


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