Which fast food chain has the best hot chips?

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 3rd May 2017

A Canstar Blue survey has discovered Australians rank Oporto as having the best fast food hot chips.

After surveying 2, 000 Australians, the Portuguese-inspired takeaway came out on top, defeating Red Rooster and KFC which were determined to both have the second-best chips.

Hungry Jacks placed third and McDonald’s came last.

The survey results were based off asking customers to rank their satisfaction out of ten. The average ratings were as follows:

  • Oporto – 7.7
  • Red Rooster – 6
  • KFC – 6
  • Hungry Jacks – 7.4
  • McDonald’s – 6.9

Different states, different tastes

Tastes do differ across the country with Queenslanders ranking Red Rooster’s chips as number one. In South Australia Hungry Jacks received first place.

Lesson to be learnt

Interestingly, the highest rating chips were thicker style chips, with flavoured seasoning. Hungry Jacks and McDonald’s, which traditionally sell thinner, French fry style chips with plain salt, ranked the lowest.

Perhaps the way to the Australian fast food consumer’s heart is not plain French fries, but rather a flavoured chip?


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