Domino’s addresses biggest consumer frustrations with new campaign

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 22nd May 2017

Missing garlic bread, uneven slices and poorly placed pepperoni, these are some of the common customer complaints Domino’s Pizza is seeking to stamp out through a new marketing campaign.

The ‘We Care’ campaign has already seen Domino’s Australian stores close for an hour over this weekend while staff were trained on how to avoid these common problems with their product.

Nick Knight, Chief Executive Officer of Domino’s, said although its customers value speed, all of its product must meet a certain quality.

“We have run a number of focus groups and our customers tell us they love our products, but when we make a mistake, they want it fixed as quickly as possible – and we will,” Knight said.

Domino’s has hired a new customer care team dedicated to monitoring and resolving feedback quickly as part of the campaign. The team will see money is refunded or replaced if any Domino’s product is not up to standard.

CEO Knight says the campaign is about going back to basics.

“‘Slow where it matters, fast where it counts,’ has long been the mantra of Domino’s, and we recognise that over time errors have been made and attention to detail has wavered,” Knight said.

Domino’s will air television commercials, place print advertisements and run a social media campaign to help spread the message about its new commitment to quality product.


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