Australia’s independent brewing boom

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 5th July 2017

The number of independent brewing companies operating in Australia has increased tenfold over the last decade says a new report commissioned by the Independent Brewers Association (IBA).

According to the report which explores Australia’s independent brewing industry, Australia has gone from having 30 independent brewing businesses in 2006 to 380 in 2016.

“Importantly, growth has been across all business types, highlighting ongoing expansion in small, medium and large brewing operations,” the report said.

Rural and regional concentration

The report found that 65 per cent of all independent brewers are located in either regional or rural Australia.

In 2015/16, independent breweries created 2, 390 full time equivalent jobs and supported 17, 210 full time jobs in the wider economy.

Independents only account for a small amount of brew

Independent breweries are only making 3 per cent of all beer consumed in Australia.

In 2015/16, the industry produced 59 million litres of beer, generating AUD $275 million in sales revenue.

Call for tax reforms

The report said in order for the industry to continue to grow, greater government support is needed.

“In order to continue to grow the independent brewing sector in line with similar examples overseas, improved government support is required in terms of current tax settings with regard to lowering excise levels and providing subsidies similar to those assisting small wine producers under the Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) rebate,” the report said.


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