The 2017 Australian HACCP Conference is shaping up to be the best yet…

The Australian HACCP Conference has been an industry-leading event in food safety for 24 years and counting.

This year’s event (30-31 August, Sydney) contains a not-to-be-missed line-up of expert speakers, including Dr John Spink of the Food Fraud Initiative at Michigan State University, and Craig Reucassel of the ABC’s popular TV series “War on Waste”.

Dr Spink is a pioneer in Food Fraud initiatives and will bring a highly recognised global perspective on supply chain challenges in the global food industry.

With an ever increasing global supply chain, food businesses are under pressure to ensure the safety and quality of their product while maintaining a competitive price.

To explore these challenges, the theme of the 2017 Australian HACCP Conference is ‘Creating Trust & Transparency in the Global Food Industry’.

As with previous years, there will be plenty of networking opportunities, allowing food safety and quality assurance professionals to connect, share knowledge and experiences.

Presentation topics include food fraud, food standard harmonisation, changes in regulatory landscape, country of origin labelling, crisis and recall, supply chain blind spots and more. The conference also features practical workshops on Day two of the event.

The complete list of speakers boasts a plethora of globally recognised speakers who are working with leaders on the latest food safety challenges.


This year’s conference is taking place 30-31 August, 2017 in Sydney. For details on the event and information on how to register, please visit: