Vitasoy expands plant milk range

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 4th September 2017

Vitasoy has launched two new plant milks into Australian supermarkets.

Lion’s Vitasoy is now selling ‘Almond Milky’ and ‘Coconut Milky’ as a response to increased demand for plant milk.

The launch coincides with Vitasoy unveiling a new marketing campaign called “Growing Milk since 1940”. The campaign involves a packaging refresh for all existing Vitasoy products and extensive communications across TV, outdoor and digital platforms.

General Manager of Vitasoy, Chris Gillard, said Vitasoy wanted to change the way consumers judge Vitasoy’s category.

“We’ve even gone so far as to overtly call out the category as “plant milk” to connect our range of soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, oat milk and coconut milk with the fact that they are made from real plants,” Gillard said.

Coconut Milky and Almond Milky were created for consumers who want increased texture, mouth feel and milkiness in their plant milks. Both options are gluten, dairy, lactose and soy free.

Coconut Milky is described a “source of calcium” whilst one glass of Almond Milky is said to provide a third of daily calcium requirements.

IBISWorld reports that the almond and soy milk production industry has seen an annual growth of 4.8 per cent in the past five years, with this growth projected to increase in the future.

Vitasoy’s Almond Milky and Coconut Milky is available from 11 September 2017 in one litre servings in Australian supermarkets.


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