Nespresso launches new Barista inspired coffee range

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 18th September 2017

Nespresso has launched a new range of barista inspired coffee capsules.

The new limited edition ‘Nespresso BARISTA’ coffee range includes three different pods created after Nespresso undertook sensory testing to perfect the capsules.

Sensory tests was used to define the exact levels of roasting and ideal coffee grinding techniques needed to develop the capsules

Nespresso Coffee Ambassador, Mitch Monaghan, said Nespresso is aware that 88 per cent of Australians drink their coffee with milk and the new range aims to create a good balance between coffee and milk.

“Inspired by the world’s finest baristas and their understanding of the ideal harmonies of flavour and texture, our coffee experts undertook years of new research to master the intricate alchemies of coffee, in perfect balance in milk,” Monaghan said.

The three coffee capsules in the range include:

  • Barista Chiaro – Can be consumed with or without milk. The coffee is described as smooth and creamy with biscuit notes. It is medium-to-dark roasted.
  • Barista Scuro – A “intense” full-bodied coffee best paired with a small amount of milk froth.
  • Barista Corto – Designed to create a coffee with a extra intense taste with a thick syrupy texture and a dark marbled crema.

The Nespresso BARISTA coffees are available now from Nespresso stores or online. The recommended retail price is AUD $9.50 for a pack of 10 capsules of the one variety. Assortment packs are also available in various volumes.

The new capsules have been launched as Nespresso has launched a new “era” in its business, saying it is moving away from using US actor, George Clooney as its brand ambassador.


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