New palm oil free certification program launched in Melbourne

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 18th September 2017

A new ‘no palm oil’ certification program has been launched by The Orangutan Alliance.

The Orangutan Alliance is a Melbourne-based non-profit which wants to reduce the use of non-sustainable palm oil through its no palm oil certification program.

The alliance says it supports clear labelling of palm oil in all products to help inform consumers.

Food producers wanting to display the alliance’s no palm oil logo will need to pay a fee with profits from the fee going towards reforestation and conservation work.

To launch its program, the Orangutan Alliance conducted its own study into how important palm oil free products were to Australian grocery buyers and found it was in the top five list of grocery buying concerns.

Top five concerns of Australian grocery buyers when it comes to the products they purchase 

  1. Country of origin
  2. Presence of preservatives
  3. Artificial flavours
  4. Presence of palm oil
  5. GMO’s


Maria Abadilla from the Orangutan Alliance said consumers are becoming informed and starting to purchase based on values.

“If consumer demand is where change starts, then this is a starting indication for manufacturers to work towards transparency in labelling and more sustainable practices,” Abadilla said.


The new orangutan Alliance Palm Oil Free logo


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