Simplot plans for Chiko Roll to take on the world

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 25th September 2017

Simplot will be taking the iconic Australian Chiko Roll to the world’s largest export trade fair in Germany as part of plans to expand its global footprint.

Simplot will promote the Chiko Roll at the October 2017 Anuga trade show which is expected to attracted more than 160, 000 visitors from retail and foodservice markets globally. It is the first time Simplot has taken the Chiko Roll outside of Australia.

Graham Dugdale, Simplot Australia Managing Director, said because of Australia’s reputation as one of the world’s best food bowls, combined with the uniqueness of the Chiko Roll, he is expecting the deep-fried snack will attract significant interest.

“This is the first step in expanding the global footprint of Australia’s most famous hot snack as well as raising the profile of Australian manufacturing expertise,” Dugdale said.

“Chiko’s home is take away, sports games and other outdoors events and we think it has its place in similar venues all over the world.”

The Chiko Roll was created by Australian food producer, Frank McEncroe, and was first sold in 1951. It was first marketed as the Chicken Roll despite containing no chicken. During the 1960s and 1970s, an average of 40 million Chiko Rolls were sold each year.

Simplot has owned the product since 1995.