Changing Chinese consumers driving demand for bottled water

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 13th December 2017

A growing interest in high-quality water and health-conscious beverages will ensure China retains its status as the world’s largest bottled water market data company new research has found.

Data and analytics company, GlobalData, said China’s growing disposable income is also expected to contribute to the demand for bottle water, a market expected to grow at an average 4.7 per cent annually between 2016-2021.

Bottled water consumption in China has risen from an average 23.6 litres per person per year in 2013 to 29 litres in 2016.

This jump in consumption was attributed by GlobalData to improved living quality and an increased speed of life among Chinese consumers.

GlobalData Consumer Analyst, Ellen Rivers, said growing purchasing power has seen Chinese consumers spending more on high-end products.

“Factors such as exposure to brands and large-scale marketing have served to tip the scales in favour of premium bottled water,” Rivers said.

Chinese consumers care about what is in their water

GlobalData says its research found 74 per cent of Chinese consumers pay more attention to packaging materials and capacity when choosing food and beverages, more so than the average 51 per cent of global consumers who do so.

“Packaging is essential to the perception of consumer satisfaction,” said Rivers.

“Trends show that glass packaging, small packages and PET material will have a decisive impact on purchasing choices in China.”


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