Australian wine a winner in 2017 with exports up

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 24th January 2018

Australian wine exports increased by 15 per cent to $2.56 billion in the 12 months ended December 2017 a new Wine Australia report says.

The 15 per cent increase in the value of exports is the highest annual growth rate since 2004.

2017 was also a record-breaking year for volume, with exports growing by 8 per cent to 811 million litres.

Wine Australia Chief Executive Officer, Andreas Clark, said the sector achieved a 7 per cent increase in average value per litre free on board to AUD $3.16, the highest level since 2009.

“Growing demand for premium Australian wine, particularly in Northeast Asia, increased the value of bottled wine exports by 17 per cent to AUD $2.1 billion, while the average price per litre for bottled wine grew by 3 per cent to a record AUD $5.63,” Clark said.

Exports to Northeast Asia were a growth driver with exports increasing by 47 per cent over AUD $1 billion for the first time.

The 2017 export figures suggest China will continue to be a strong exporting market for Australia.  The value of exports increased by 63 per cent to $848 million and volume by 54 per cent to 153 million litres.


Top five markets by value in 2017

  • China mainland (33 per cent of total export value
  • United States (18 per cent)
  • United Kingdom (14 per cent)
  • Canada (7 per cent),
  • Hong Kong (5 per cent)

Top five markets by volume in 2017

  • United Kingdom (28 per cent share of total export volume)
  • United States of America (21 per cent)
  • China mainland (19 per cent)
  • Canada (8 per cent)
  • Germany (5 per cent)

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