Fridge that can meal plan based off its contents created by Samsung

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 29th January 2018

Samsung has revealed a new fridge which will create recipes for the entire family, taking into account what is about to expire inside the fridge, along with allergies and food preferences.

The new ‘Samsung Family Hub 3.0 fridge’ is an upgrade on a 2017 fridge model that already offers the ability for users to purchase Woolworths groceries and to see what is inside their fridge through a smart phone app.

The newer version of the fridge, which has just been awarded the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show Best innovation award, takes things a step further with the fridge now able to formulate and display recipes using ingredients from within the fridge.

The Family Hub 3.0 also includes the ability to stream music and videos onto a screen on the fridge door and to connect to the home’s doorbell or baby monitor.

John Herrington, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics America, said since Samsung introduced its first Family Hub fridge in 2016, families have been using the technology to help manage food, family and fun.

The integration of Bixby and SmartThings into the Family Hub is bringing a new level of intelligent connectivity into the room where people spend the most time:  the kitchen.”

The Samsung Family Hub 3.0 will be available in the US from the county’s Spring. No announcement has been made yet on when the fridge may be coming to Australia.


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