Diageo launches PIMM’s on Tap

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 7th February 2018

Beverage company Diageo is now selling pre-mixed PIMM’s cocktail on-tap in Australia.

The on-tap PIMM’s cocktail is a mixture of PIMM’s liqueur, lemonade and ginger ale. It can be consumed as is or poured over ice and garnishes such as strawberry, cucumber, orange and mint.

Diageo’s Head of Strategy, Drewe Letchford, said PIMM’s on Tap is one of Diageo’s most exciting innovations.

“Pimm’s on Tap, a well‐known and loved brand, is the perfect accompaniment for these on premise occasions that are more focused on food and drink experiences and enjoying products with a lower ABV,” Letchford said.

“Given the nature of these venues, Pimm’s on Tap allows speed of service and consistent quality for consumers, with a perfect Pimm’s serve every time.”

To help promote PIMM’s on Tap, Diageo is suppling the hospitality industry with a number of point of sales accessories.

“We’re also supporting the Pimm’s brand through our on‐going partnership with Matt Preston and strategic sponsorships such as the Sydney Festival,” Letchford said.

PIMM’s on Tap is available now to the Australian hospitality industry in 30 litre kegs.


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