Demand from Asia for dairy snacks presents new opportunities

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 21st February 2018

Demand for dairy snacks in Asia is higher than the global average demand new research data has revealed.

Market researcher, GlobalData, found in Asia 26 per cent of consumers prefer to snack on dairy-based foods compared to the 22 per cent global average.

Consumer Analyst at Global Data, Marilena Loparco, said the popularity of dairy snacking in Asia is similar to the uprise of cereal snacking in the region.

“In recent years, cereals, particularly granola, have followed the same path, with Asian consumers including them in their daily eating routine but just swapping the consumption occasion,” Loparco said.

“Cereals have become a snack for busy Asian consumers, thanks to slight amendments in formulation, texture, and packaging.”

GlobalData says to take full advantage of Asia’s desire for dairy snacks, food manufacturers should make sure they formula their dairy snacks to remain fresh when they are taken out of the fridge for snacking later.

“Besides dairy beverages such as milk-flavoured drinks enriched with proteins that are often promoted as a suitable and nutritional on-the-go snack, dairy manufacturers still have room to innovate and capitalize on the Asian demand for milk-based snacks.”


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