Snooper raises $1 million in crowdfunding for in store data app

Posted by Jack Cain on 7th May 2018

Snooper, a crowdsourcing platform seeking to disrupt how brands and retailers collect data, announced its $1 million AUD investment led by Microequities Venture Capital Fund to further accelerate growth in Australia.

Using the Snooper platform brands and retailers are able to connect with their shoppers around the country by uploading paid ‘missions’ to collect in-store data. These shoppers share their findings and experiences in real time via the Snooper App.

Consumer product companies spend around $1 trillion each year on in-store investments with 70% of shoppers making their purchasing decisions based on what they see in store. These brands can unlock a 15% sales uplift with visible and attractive promotions or strategic positioning of products in stor, according to Neilsen.

Following the investment, Daniel Szekely from Microequities will join the Snooper board and believes Snoopers’ early adoption by major global brands is indicative of an industry in real need of a technology solution for a problem that can’t be solved with traditional processes.

“Driven by the needs of its clients, the business has grown quickly to have a national presence and is now ready to dominate not only the Australian market but the global market as well.” Szekely said.

Snooper launched late 2016 by Romain Stas whose background is in Consumer Products marketing at L’Oréal, and Laurie Wespes, former team leader at Bain & Company and expert in FMCG growth strategy.

“With intensifying P&L pressure driven by price wars, private labels, e-retailers, global competition and many other factors, the FMCG sector needs to turn marketing into a science and stop treating it like an art.” he said.

To do this, brands and retailers need access to real time data, that’s consumer centric and cost-effective,” said Wespes.

Andrew Campbell, former Managing Director of Heineken Lion Australia and General Manager at Drinkworks said, “We had some traditional ways of measuring the execution of our strategy on the point of sales. Along came Snooper and they could do this on a much bigger scale and coverage, as well as in ‘real time’. Snooper provides unbiased and real time insights leading to actionable results.”

The funding will be used to fuel the growth in the Australian market, recruit talent, strengthen the user base in regional area’s and develop innovative new features in close collaboration with flagship clients.

“We love to be challenged by our clients to push the boundaries of crowdsourcing. We see our clients as long term partners and want to develop a platform that opens a new world of knowledge with them and for them,” said Wespes.

Snooper is a crowdsourcing platform for brands and retailers: they connect directly to a community of shoppers to collect in-store data in real time via the Snooper app in order to make better sales and marketing investments and improve customer experience.

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