Free food available with food waste app for charities

Posted by Jack Cain on 21st May 2018

In a serious new development, a phone app called Ywaste which was launched in November 2017 has attracted new interest from numerous fast food chains.

Ywaste provides a digital platform where food outlets post to sell their end of day unsold food instead of throwing it away.

However now it can have acquired for free for those experiencing food insecurity as part of a charitable deal it has struck with certified charities and their users.

Certified charities in each local area nominate participants who qualify as recipients for donated foods from any of the food retailers in the arrangement. Each recipient is issued with a special code which provides access to free food when using the app.

The code allows the recipient to ‘purchase’ 1 free meal per day.

Participants in the new arrangement include QSR and takeaway chains Sushi Hub, Harries Vegan Restaurant, Soul Origin, Nashi, Mrs. Fields, AboutLife Healthy Supermarkets, Sumo Salad, Caltex Petrol, Brumby’s Bakery, Donut King, Muffin Break and more than 200 local restaurants and cafes.

With 3.6 million Australians experiencing food insecurity according to Australian Bureau of Statistics 2017 Ywaste provides help in an anonymous fashion by receiving free food donations for partnered food outlets.