Procter & Gamble unveils move into SmartLabel platform

Posted by Jack Cain on 23rd May 2018

Global FMCG giant Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) has announced that more than 3,500 of its consumer products will now be using SmartLabel.

This is label that uses online and mobile platforms that enable consumers to access detailed information such as product ingredients, usage instructions, certifications and endorsements.

The move represents a digital diversification for new technological tools.

“Using SmartLabel to share our products’ ingredients reinforces P&G’s commitment to transparency and is one way we are holding ourselves accountable to the transparency goals we outlined in Ambition 2030,” said P&G’s Kathy Fish chief technology officer.

“We know people care about what goes into the products they use every day, and we want consumers to be informed and confident in their choice to place P&G products in their baskets,” she said.

P&G said in a statement it now has more items, across more categories, than any other consumer product goods company on the platform.

Over the past decade, the multinational giant said it has taken several steps to disclose more information about what goes into and what is excluded from formulated products.