Australia Post opens China-export only store in Sydney

Posted by Jack Cain on 28th May 2018

Australia Post has opened its first concept store for Australian-based daigou shoppers.

These shoppers are mostly Australian based Chinese and expat Chinese (many of whom have been or are university students in Australia).

The concept store is targeting those wishing to export health, beauty and baby formula products into China.

An Australia Post spokesperson said the store is a limited trial and that there were no plans to expansion beyond one store currently.

“This store is not a post office. It will sell a limited number of lines, such as health and beauty products, in conjunction with international freight options,” the spokesperson said.

The store will most likely appeal to Australia’s growing community of daigou shoppers, who buy products in Australia for re-sale into China.

Infant formula manufacturers have taken steps to increase supply of Australian-made formula, but industry stakeholders said Australian retail channels were not designed to cope with Chinese demand.

In response to the likes of AuMake, which sells directly to daigou shoppers, Australia Post is stepping in to fill a market gap.

Australia post believes Coles and other major retailers were inadequate to cope with Chinese demand.