Farmer’s wife and Mum creates award winning food range to help her family weather the drought and fires

Posted by Media Release Agency on 31st October 2019

The Tweed is home to one of the region’s most reputable farming families ‘The Foysters’. Now in their 5th generation, they own and operate several farms across Northern NSW and far North Queensland. Well known for their quality avocadoes, lychees, watermelons and pumpkins, their ability to dig deep into their resourcefulness, determination and resilience in finding solutions to the ongoing impact of extreme weather conditions is commendable.

From the floods taking out their watermelon crops to the recent loss of 4 million avocadoes from a brutal hailstorm, unexpected bush fires encroaching on their land and now the difficulties faced in growing through such drought are just some of the challenges they endure.

Being 5th generation farmers, the Foysters’ live by their belief of deep connection in what they eat and who they are, being the inspiration behind Julia Foysters vision to create a product that would not only bring incredible flavours to kitchens around the nation but also create an opportunity for her family to have another stream of income, subsidising some of the loss from the climate challenges. 

 Julia’s vision was to create a product straight from the farmer to the plate and just over a year ago she launched award-winning “Tweed Real Food” which is exactly that, real. Every product contains only real food. The perfect blend of all-natural ingredients stand-out to bring daily dishes to life with authentic flavours made right there on the family farm. 

 Tweed Real Food have handcrafted a beautiful selection of the highest quality products including unique spice blends and nut-free dukkha’s ready to add delectable flavour to almost any meal. Their diverse range of vinegars includes the famous Bourbon Maple Splash and award-winning ‘Tropical Splash Balsamic Vinegar’, taking home the silver medal at the 2019 Australian Food Awards (AFA).

Julia herself is also gaining recognition as an inspiring entrepreneur, winning the silver award for the food and beverage category at the AusMumpreuner awards as well as placing as a finalist in 3 categories. Her own resilience and innovation have been identified as the driving force behind this ever-increasingly successful brand.

A selection of Tweed Real Food’s finest products and gorgeous hampers are available both online and at a variety of retail stores, the perfect gift coming into the festive season. The full product range is available to view and purchase through the online store at

When purchasing products from Tweed Real Food you will be enjoying outstanding taste sensations, while also supporting a farming family and knowing that every little bit is nothing but absolutely real, genuinely from a farmer to your plate. Julia has also recently joined Thankful4Farmers.