Woolworths and TerraCycle to bring revolutionary ‘Loop’ platform to Australia to tackle plastic waste

Posted by Media Release Agency on 6th November 2019

Woolworths has today become the first retailer to commit to bringing TerraCycle’s global cutting-edge zero-waste reusable packaging solution – Loop™ – to Australia.

Beginning in mid-2021, Australian grocery shoppers will be able to receive products from their favourite brands in reusable containers, delivered right to their doors. 

It allows customers to sustainably consume a variety of commonly used products such as washing detergent, shampoo, juice or ice cream in customised, brand-specific, durable packaging that is delivered in a specially designed reusable shipping tote. 

When finished with the product, the packaging is collected or can be dropped back in store, cleaned, refilled and reused – creating a revolutionary circular shopping system. 

Loop is one of the first projects to kick off a long term partnership agreement between Woolworths and TerraCycle in a commitment that aims to tackle plastic waste in Australia by finding solutions for ‘difficult to recycle’ packaging and products.

Woolworths General Manager of Quality, Health & Sustainability,  Alex Holt said; “Our customers are increasingly telling us they want products that are good for them, and good for the planet. 

“We are pleased to be working with innovative partners like TerraCycle to lead the way in offering new and cutting-edge solutions to cut down on plastic waste.

“Helping bring Loop to Australia is a further step in our long term ambition to reduce our impact on the environment and support a circular economy.”

Loop is the first-ever global platform to partner with major brands and retailers including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, PepsiCo, and Nestlé to offer consumers a way to go from disposability to durability with their purchases. 

Announced at the World Economic Forum in January this year and launched in May 2019 in New York and Paris, Loop will expand to markets in the UK, Canada, Germany, Japan and now Australia to become a truly global movement. 

Loop VP, Global Business Development Anthony Rossi said; “Woolworths is the perfect partner to bring Loop to Australia, due to its operational scale and commitment to environmental sustainability.

“Together we will help eliminate the idea of waste and bring a better product experience to consumers.”

Launching the Loop partnership in Sydney today, the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews praised Woolworths.

Minister Andrews said; “I congratulate Woolworths for showing the initiative to embrace a recycling solution that will significantly reduce its waste packaging,

“TerraCycle is a global leader in recycling innovation. This partnership with TerraCycle to roll out Loop nationally sets a great example for other businesses.

“It is vitally important that both governments and the private sector play their part in reducing waste and embracing recycling solutions. I look forward to other businesses adopting similar initiatives.”

Woolworths is now asking customers to register their interest to be involved in the initial Loop trial at www.woolworths.com.au/shop/discover/sustainability/loop. Supplier partners looking to participate should also get in touch with their relevant business partner within Woolworths.

Woolworths is today also hosting ‘Good Move’ – A Circular Economy Packaging Event at its support office in Bella Vista, Sydney. The event brings together leading advocates working to advance a circular economy, from business, government, academia and NGOs to help identify opportunities, starting with the topic of packaging.

How Loop works:

Once they shop in-store or place an order online, Woolworths customers will receive their durable products in Loop’s exclusively designed shipping tote. After use, consumers place the empty containers into their Loop totes and go online to schedule a pickup from their home or drop it off at a nearby Woolworths store. With cutting-edge technology, Loop will clean the packaging so that each product may be safely reused and promptly replenished as needed at the consumer’s request. 

Loop will be trialled in Australia before a full launch in 2021.To stay in the Loop and be the first to see updates about its progress, visit www.woolworths.com.au/shop/discover/sustainability/loop and sign up to reserve your spot. 

About Loop 

Loop is an initiative from TerraCycle, an innovative waste management company whose mission is to Eliminate the Idea of Waste. Loop is a circular shopping platform that partners with brands and retailers to shift from a disposable to durable supply chain and enable consumers to shop for a wide range of everyday products from trusted brands in durable and reusable packaging.