Zytho Brewing launches two new pale ales

Posted by Media Release Agency on 14th November 2019

Zytho Brewing has launched two new delicious pale ales – Zytho Zesty Pale Ale and Zytho India Pale Ale, brewed by the team at Tribe Breweries in NSW, makers of some of the country’s most awarded beers.

Zytho Zesy Pale Ale is a flavoured crisp pale ale featuring fresh citrus and passionfruit notes with a balanced light bitterness that makes for easy drinking.

“We jumped at the opportunity to create our own riff on the country’s favorite craft beer style. We’ve called it Zesty because it’s big on flavour and drinkability,” said Brian Watson, head brewer.

Zytho Zesty Pale ALe features an inspirational selection of some of the world’s most enticing hops to deliver fresh citrus and passionfruit notes with a balanced light bitterness that will have you reaching for another. It pairs well with pizza, BBQ food and burgers, or even chocolatey desserts.

Zytho IPA is a flavoured India Pale Ale with delicious piney, tropical and citrus aromatics to give a fresh, modern flavour that is becoming increasingly sought-after amongst Australia IPA drinkers.

“IPA is fast emerging as the favoured craft beer style of those who love their hops. Here, we have added hops by the truckload to create a full-flavoured India Pale Ale that captures the popular modern IPA flavour profile in spades. The tropical aromatics and balanced bitterness are underpinned by a firm malt backbone, making this the perfect beer for kicking back and savouring every sip. It tastes great with curries, spicy foods, smoked BBQ food, burgers and rich deserts, ” said Brian.

Zytho Zesy Pale Ale and Zytho IPA is available from BWS.
Zytho Zesty Pale Ale RRP: $5 ea; $24 6-pack; $68 x24 case.
Zytho IPA RRP: $5 ea; $26 6-pack; $72 x24 case.