Lo Bros Kombucha is now in cans!

Posted by Media Release Agency on 11th December 2019

Lo Bros Kombucha has extended its range with the introduction of 250ml slimline cans in time for Summer.

Lo Bros Kombucha Cans are launching in singles and four-packs at independent retailers across Australia this month in three kombucha flavours (Raspberry & Lemon, Passionfruit, Ginger & Lemon) as well as three kombucha soda flavours (Cola, Ginger Beer and Lemon Lime & Bitters).

Celebrating being Alive Inside, the cans showcase Lo Bros new bold colourful brand refresh as well as include a new infographic on the back of pack to educate consumers on the need to keep a little sugar in every can to keep the kombucha truly alive with living probiotics.

Soulfresh CEO Didi Lo said the launch of the cans was off the back of a demand from consumers to be able to stock up large amounts of their favourite Lo Bros in the pantry or fridge.

“Our new Lo Bros cans are made with the same ingredients and classic taste as our current Lo Bros 330ml and 750ml in glass bottles. We ferment the kombucha in our cans for a little longer so they contain less than a gram of sugar, which means they can be stored in and out of the fridge while still being filled with living goodness,” Didi Lo said.

Lo Bros is currently the number one selling kombucha brand in Australian supermarkets*. The Living Beverage brand has a range of Kombucha and Kombucha Sodas that come in 250ml cans, 330ml and a 750ml share bottle.