Woolworths partners with Coeliac Australia to make gluten-free eating more affordable

Posted by Media Release Agency on 11th March 2020

Coeliac Australia members will have access to a 5% discount on hundreds of gluten-free products across Woolworths supermarkets and Metro stores nationwide. Coeliac Australia members will receive a card which they can either scan in-store or they can apply the discount online. 

The partnership is launching just in time for Coeliac Awareness Week, an annual event held by Coeliac Australia between 13 and 20 March. The week aims to increase public awareness of the disease and to improve the rates of testing and diagnosis by medical professionals.

Coeliac disease affects on average 1 in 70 Australians, although more than 270,000 people are unaware they have the autoimmune condition.

Woolworths has seen a double digit growth in demand for gluten-free products in the last 3 years. In this period, the supermarket has also added over 40 products in its Woolworths ‘Free From Gluten’ range.

Coeliac Australia Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Laforest said; “We are delighted to announce Woolworths as our Official Supermarket Partner which greatly assists us in supporting our members. The price of gluten free food is an important consideration for people living with coeliac disease, and over a year this discount will make a positive difference for our members.

“Coeliac disease can be hard to spot. Our new awareness campaign highlights a range of symptoms beyond typical ‘gut’ issues and encourages people at risk to visit their GP for screening prior to commencing a gluten free diet.”

Woolworths Head of Nutrition & Health, Stevie Wring said; “We want to make shopping as easy as possible for our customers regardless of their dietary requirement, which is why we’re proud to offer a great selection of gluten-free options in our stores nationwide.

“Our partnership with Coeliac Australia means that more Australians can access a range of gluten-free options on the food they love easily and more affordable when they shop at Woolworths.”

With Easter around the corner, Woolworths also has a range of gluten-free hot cross buns so customers can enjoy the traditional taste of the season and lots more exciting gluten-free products to come for Christmas.