Nexba launches Australia’s first Probiotic Soda innovation

Posted by Media Release Agency on 20th August 2020

Nexba launches Australia’s first Probiotic Soda innovation, and adds new flavours to their Naturally Sugar-Free 1L soft drink range

Nexba’s new Naturally Sugar-Free Probiotic Soda range contains no sugar, nothing artificial and 1 billion live probiotics in every can

Australia’s leading Naturally Sugar-Free brand, Nexba, has just launched a new range of Australian-first Probiotic Soda’s. Inspired by the booming consumer demand for probiotic-enriched products and sugar-free alternatives to traditional convenience products – the brand has high hopes for this new innovation, which has seen rapid category growth in the US. 

The new Probiotic Soda range fits perfectly into Nexba’s product portfolio, boasting the unique combination of their globally patented Naturally Sugar-Free formulation but with full-flavour taste. The secret sauce combination that’s seen the brands devoted consumer following skyrocket over the past few years, and fuelled recent expansion into global markets, including the UK. 

The new range, which comes in both Cherry Cola and Pineapple flavours, is available exclusively at Coles in-store and online, with an RRP of $7.50 per 375ml 4-pack. 

Each Nexba Probiotic Soda 375ml can contains 1 billion live probiotics and the pack design proudly wears the ‘Boosts immunity’ proven claim. With gut health and immunity-based consumer concerns ever-increasing, the Nexba team were devoted to creating an Australian-first Probiotic Soda range that not only talked the talk but walked the walk when it comes to efficacy. 

The Australian brother-in-law founders, Troy & Drew, spent years working on the formula development which lead them to the unique Bacillus Coagulan probiotic strain, the strain scientifically proven to be the best probiotic in the business*. Unlike most other commercially found probiotics Bacillus Coagulans can survive the harsh journey to the stomach and remain effective in non-refrigerated environments. 

Which is why Nexba can guarantee at least 85% of the probiotics in any of their functional drinks will make it to the gut alive – this includes their Kombucha, Kefir, Switchel, Probiotic Water and newly launched Probiotic Soda range. 

“Nexba has always been about having the best of both worlds – epic taste but with no sugar and nothing artificial. Our new Probiotic Soda range couldn’t be truer to this. With the added benefit of 1 billion probiotics in every can to support gut health, this is the ultimate fun but functional innovation to shake up the soft drinks market,” said Drew Bilbe, Nexba Co-CEO and Co-Founder. 

This week Nexba also expanded its classic 1L soft drink range in Coles nationwide to include both Creaming Soda and Passionfruit flavours. The naturally sugar-free versions of the classic soft drinks continue to prove popular as consumers increasingly turn away from sugar-laden and artificial-pumped soft drinks, but still crave the full-on, indulgent flavours they know and love.