Vegetables – great for today, even better for tomorrow: plenty of choice at your vegetable aisle this Spring

Posted by Media Release Agency on 3rd September 2020

More Australians shopping for fresh vegetables at farmers’ markets, ‘local’ food trend grows

Australian vegetable growers have worked tirelessly though a cold and windy winter to make an array of fresh, healthy and delicious vegetables available for shoppers this spring, according to the inaugural seasonal eat more AUSVEG update, published by the Australian vegetable industry.

eat more AUSVEG is an initiative of AUSVEG, the peak industry body representing Australian vegetable and potato growers, to provide consumers with more practical information about how they can make tasty and healthy meals with a variety of vegetables, and tell the stories behind the farmgate so that shoppers can put a face to the vegetables they buy.

As part of its eat more AUSVEG initiative, AUSVEG will be posting practical and valuable information about how to make the most of your vegetables on Instagram via @eatmoreausveg, and will be using the platform to showcase the hardworking growers that grow a wide range of vegetables.

What’s in season and how to make them delicious

CropRecipe*Tips & facts
Asian veg varietiesCalamari with Bok ChoyClick here
AsparagusAsparagus and Rocket PestoAsparagus with Grilled SalmonClick here
BroccoliBroccoli FrittersBroccoli Spinach Pesto PastaClick here
CabbageSalmon with Cabbage, Pecans and BaconClick here
CarrotCarrot, Kale and Potato ChipsCarrot and Beetroot SaladClick here
ChilliPenne Pasta with Mushrooms, Rocket and ChilliClick here
CornCorn on the CobClick here
LettuceSalad of Seared Tuna with Seedless Watermelon, Grapefruit & AvocadoClick here
LeekHealthy Mushroom Leek & Thyme Wonton Cups+Click here
PotatoHasselback Potatoes with Avocado DipAvocado Potato SalsaClick here
PumpkinAvocado and Pumpkin SaladHealthy Pumpkin SoupClick here
ZucchiniHealthy Ratatouille+Savoury Zucchini MuffinsSteamed Fish with Zucchini Ribbon SaladClick here

* recipes courtesy of A Better Choice, a joint initiative by industry group Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) and the Central Markets Association of Australia (CMAA), unless otherwise marked.

+ recipe courtesy of Live Lighter.

Spring tips to increase your vegetable intake

·         Tip 1: Substitute a daily snack with a vegetable-based one, such as a stick of carrot, celery or the stalk of a broccoli with some dip or by themselves.

·         Tip 2: Add an extra serve (or handful) of vegetables into each meal throughout the day – you will be eating healthier, remain fuller throughout the day and reduce your vegetable waste.

·         Tip 3: Aim for one meal each week to start that has at least three or more types of vegetables, then work your way up to adding one more meal a week.

“The aim of eat more AUSVEG is simple – get more people to eat more vegetables. Some of the barriers for people to eat more vegetables are that they don’t know what’s in season, don’t know how to use them and don’t want to waste them by not making them delicious – we want to try and change this with eat more AUSVEG,” said AUSVEG National Manager – Communications Shaun Lindhe.

“AUSVEG will be looking to partner with the broader industry, including growers and the entire supply chain, to provide consumers with information about how to make their vegetables the hero of the plate and to tell the stories of the heroes who grow their vegetables all year round.”

“We will be using social media to provide practical tips about how to easily make the most of their vegetables, which will hopefully lead to people wanting to buy more vegetables,” said Mr Lindhe.

“Providing this information during the pandemic is even more pertinent as the benefits to health and wellbeing of a vegetable-rich diet are crucial to keeping the country healthy and happy.”

“While people may think they are doing the right thing and buying more vegetables at the retail, disruptions to the food service sector means that people who like eating out at cafes and restaurants will need to buy more vegetables to give themselves the best change to meet the recommended daily intake of five or more serves.”

“I hope everyone gets on board and shares their own recipes and tips on social media to help make vegetables the hero of your spring dishes, and encourages friends and family to eat more Aus Veg.”

AUSVEG has partnered with VicHealth CEO and renowned public health expert and advocate Dr Sandro Demaio to showcase the easy and delicious dishes that can be made using vegetables, including pumpkin soup, roasted broccoli salad and a vegetable frittata.

“Vegetables are packed with fibre and vitamins, making them a key part of a healthy and well-balanced diet,” said Dr Demaio.

“Adding an extra handful or serve of veg to your main meals or choosing a vegetable-based snack throughout the day is a great way to boost your health and immune system. Getting five serves of veg a day helps prevent chronic health problems, including some cancers and heart disease, in later life, plus they’re tasty and help keep you full for longer.”

As part of its eat more AUSVEG initiative, AUSVEG will publish quarterly seasonal updates about the vegetables that are in season and provide information on how to make the most of these vegetables throughout the season.