Lakanto releases monkfruit sweetner

Posted by Media Release Agency on 15th September 2020

Originally cultivated by Buddhist monks in east Asia for its sweetness and apparent healing properties, the Monk fruit has been used to create a 100% natural alternative to sugar.

On average, Australians consume twice the recommended daily intake of sugar1. Lakanto’s Monkfruit Sweeteners let consumers enjoy their favourite foods without compromising on health, taste, dietary needs or overall wellbeing.

Made from the melon-like, Monk fruit, which derives its sweetness from antioxidants in the fruit’s flesh, the new sweetener has 93% fewer calories than sugar, zero net carbs, zero glycemic impact and no fibre, maltodextrin, stevia, artificial sweeteners or flavourings. This makes them suitable for those on gluten-free, diabetic, ketogenic, candida, paleo, vegan and low-carb diets.

TV Host, bestselling cookbook author, functional nutritionist and trainer Luke Hines is incredibly pumped to be a Lakanto ambassador: “Eating well shouldn’t be time consuming, tasteless or lacking in sweet treats, it’s about making simple everyday better choices so you can still celebrate all of the foods you love.

“Monkfruit has changed the way I eat for the better, as I still get to enjoy my favourite foods, but in a way that makes them Low-Carb, Keto, so I don’t have to compromise on my health goals. This is the only sweetener I’ll use because it not only tastes great but is genuinely good for you too,” he says.

The range consists of Classic Monkfruit Sweetener, made from the white flesh of the Monk fruit to replace white sugar, and the Golden Monkfruit Sweetener with a sweet maple flavour, made from the white flesh, seed and peel, as a substitute for raw cane sugar. They are available in 200g (RRP: $10.50), 500g (RRP: $19.95) and 800g (RRP: $29.95) bags.

To ensure an easy swap from sugar, the extremely sweet Monk fruit extract has been blended with (non-GMO) erythritol to produce a heat stable, spoon-for-spoon replacement for sugar that measures, bakes and cooks just like sugar, with the same flavour and texture and no bitter aftertaste.

With a mantra of being #ResponsiblySweet, all Lakanto products are made using Monkfruit that is grown using the same ancient, traditional methods used by the monks that give the fruit its name. It processes the fruit using cold water extraction at its zero-emissions plant.

Lakanto Monkfruit Sweeteners are available in the sugar aisle in over 2500 outlets nationwide including Woolworths, Coles, Drakes, Ritchies IGA and select health food stores. For additional information visit