Tasty Tortillas triumph in current economic climate

Posted by Media Release Agency on 21st October 2020

With thousands of Australians stuck at home recently during lockdown restrictions in New South Wales and Victoria, more and more people are turning toward home cooking in lieu of venturing out to their favorite dining spots.

While restrictions are now easing, a slew of foodies-turned-home master chefs have been fine tuning their abilities in the kitchen.

And one Queensland-based business has found the recipe for success with their retail range, which is giving Australians the opportunity to create authentic Mexican cuisine from the comfort of their own home.

Diego’s Authentic Foods operates out of Burleigh Heads on the sunny Gold Coast and has gone from strength to strength in a 25-year success story, quadrupling its annual turnover in the past decade.

The Australian owned and operated company is busier than ever, despite COVID-19 pandemic putting a pin in several food production businesses.

Even with an onslaught of imported products lining supermarket shelves, Diego’s has carved out a niche for itself as a healthier, fresher and locally owned and made alternative to the large-scale conglomerates.

Diego’s Managing Director Deann Thomson says the pandemic has not impacted people’s love of food.

“While lockdowns have stopped a lot of people from frequenting their favourite restaurants and eateries, it’s also created an opportunity to cook at home and experiment with new tastes and flavours,” she says.

“We are incredibly passionate about cooking and we hope that our love for fresh, authentic, Australian-made ingredients shines through in our vast product range.”

The company has over ten products available in the retail sector, including gluten free soft corn tortillas, soft flour tortillas, low-carb wraps and Indian-style flatbreads.

Diego’s products can be found throughout Australia in IGA’s, Drake’s, FoodWorks and Independent Grocers. Diego’s retail brands are also available Internationally across Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and The Middle East.

Mrs Thomson says Diego’s was the first to release a signature nixtamal soft white corn tortilla in Australian grocery stores, a humble staple bread originating in Mexico.

“At the time, Australian consumers weren’t widely exposed to Mexican cuisine and the product provided a stark alternative to the corn taco shell style products available at the time,” she says.

“We were also one of the forerunners to offer gluten free and low carbohydrate products in Australian grocery stores, at a time when consumers with dietary restrictions or allergies had little access to alternatives. 

“Not only is our product healthy, it stacks up in flavor and taste against some of the world’s best Mexican food.

“Our loyal customers are the reason we do what we do, and without them we wouldn’t still be thriving in business.”

While Diego’s has its own branded products in both the retail & food service sectors, the company also provides retailers the option of private labelling throughout Australia as well as overseas.