Good food on the go: healthy Congee comes to Australia in an instant

Posted by Media Release Agency on 20th November 2020

Australians can now enjoy healthy congee in an instant, with the launch of Mr Lee’s Congee in Original and Chicken varieties. The healthy versions of the traditional East Asian breakfast are low in sugar, low in fat and made with absolutely no nasties.

Created by the award winning company, Mr Lee’s Pure Foods, the savoury instant rice porridges are packed in Australia and available to buy online from their website, Amazon and at Harris Farms Market stores in Sydney from November. Founded by Melbourne ex-pat and five times cancer warrior Damien Lee, the company’s mission is to create delicious on-the-go snacks and meals that give consumers healthy alternatives to quick and nasty junk foods.

“I’m a big fan of noodles and congee, but was shocked to see that there were no healthy options out there when I tried to improve my diet during cancer treatment. I knew I had to make a change,” says Damien Lee, CEO and Founder of Mr Lee’s Pure Foods. “Congee is known to nourish the body by improving digestive functions and increasing energy, as well as enhance sleep quality and help blood circulation. Due to it being low in calories, it’s also the perfect solution for weight management,” he adds.

Available in single flavour packs of 8 cups or mixed boxes of four chicken and four original congees, the two varieties are ready in just three minutes and are made with authentic Asian-style flavours, natural ingredients and a unique blend of four styles of grains. Low in sugar and made with absolutely no nasties, the new line provides the ideal healthy alternative to off the shelf junk foods. Additionally, the Chicken Congee Porridge flavour is made with generous chunks of RSPCA Approved chicken and the Original Congee Porridge is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Congee (also called conjee, juk, jok, 粥 and jook) is an ancient traditional pan-Asian staple food recipe, enjoyed by millions. The dish stand outs for its versatility as it can be served with many different sweet or savoury ingredients. It is usually prepared with rice although other grains and beans can also be used.

“I grew up eating Congee, but typically it takes hours of cooking at home to make a perfect dish,” said Damien. “We’ve made it to be ready in just three minutes and in a convenient cup to take on the go if needed. It’s a modern classic based on ancient wisdom,” he concludes.

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods Original Congee Porridge and Chicken Congee Porridge Available are (RRP) $4 per cup and are available on, Amazon and at Harris Farm Markets stores in Sydney.