Australia’s hottest BBQ sauce set to heat up sales

Posted by Media Release Agency on 3rd March 2021

Australian chilli sauce specialist, The Chilli Factory, has developed the nation’s hottest BBQ sauce, The Scorpion Strike on Steroids, after demand from fans of their original Stupidly Hot BBQ Sauce, the Scorpion Strike. Made from specially grown Trinidad Scorpion chillies, which held the Guinness World Record as the world’s hottest chilli for almost three years, the Scorpion Strike on Steroids comes in at a staggering 2.25 million scoville heat units, nearly 1 million scovilles hotter than the original Scorpian Strike.

The latest creation from the chilli experts, the Scorpion Strike on Steroids (RRP $28, 150ml) is currently the hottest BBQ Sauce made in Australia using chillies that are grown by a number of independent farmers from the Central Coast, New South Wales to Far North Queensland. “The Scorpion Strike on Steroids is best used sparingly and is certainly not meant for the faint hearted,” says Daniel Morgan, Director, The Chilli Factory. “It’s perfect for adding to marinades or stir-fries, brushing over barbequed meats, or sprinkling on a burger.”

Having won over 165 awards, The Chilli Factory prides itself on the quality spice factor of their all natural fresh ingredients, to produce Australian grown,  authentically made chilli products that are free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and MSG. The Scorpion Strike on Steroids is also suitable for vegan and gluten free diets.

“We have a wide range of chilli products suitable for all tastes, from the tame to the totally wild,” says Daniel. “At The Chilli Factory we’re inspired by our own backyard and flavours from around the world. We want to inspire Australians to be adventurous and put a spicy twist on their everyday favourites. For those who like a mild chilli, there’s Numbat Nibble, Funnelweb Bite is a hot sweet chilli or Dragon’s Blood is really hot stuff.”

The Chilli Factory range includes sauces, seeds, chutneys and pastes and is available for national distribution and can be found in Independent Supermarkets, BBQ Galore, Growers Markers and Fine Food Markets.