Consumer preferences shift toward lifestyle enhancing products

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 1st April 2008

There has been a clear shift in consumer preferences over the past 5 years as people seek to enhance their lifestyle. This has led to an explosion of drinks and confectionery with caffeine and vitamin supplements designed to replenish and boost energy levels. Consequently, it is no surprise that energy drink sales increased by over 400% worldwide over a five year period. Now confectionery companies are trying to cash in on these new preferences with Hersheys and Mars creating new confectionery to suit the market.

Similarly, the sports beverage and confectionery segment has been growing at a rapid rate after the success of electrolyte replenishing drinks like Gatorade and Powerade as well as the production of health/sports bars. Jelly Belly Candy have recently tried to take advantage of this growth in demand by creating jelly beans with electrolytes to help replenish lost fluids. The ‘Sport Beans’ have been in America for a little over two years but are yet to hit Australian shores.