Fresh look for Australian Food News

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 30th April 2008

“The food industry is changing rapidly and businesses want their food news served fast, with relevance and in a format that’s easy to read ” said Joe Lederman, accredited specialist business lawyer and head of Melbourne boutique law firm FoodLegal at the launch of the new look Australian Food News website today.

In 1998, Joe created the original Australia Food News site as a very comprehensive but static listing of every useful food-related website on the internet. “I was a busy lawyer, but I did this as a hobby with the help of a young uni student working doing vacation work at my office.” Both the internet and the new Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code were in their infancy and Joe soon realised there was a need for a conduit to both food news & information and over 10 years the website attracted visitors from all over the world and from a wide range of food industries.

It became a valuable resource for purchasing and marketing professionals, importers & exporters, retailers & restaurateurs through to multinational Managing Directors & others wanting to keep their finger on the pulse of food industry trends & news.

At the same time, Joe began to apply the food focus to his law practice. As the links and information on the Australian Food News website grew, so too did Joe’s expertise in food law and his specialist consultancy FoodLegal ( developed. After being commissioned to be the principal writer and editor for the Food Law Chapter of Australian law “bible”, Halsbury’s Laws of Australia, Joe was also appointed by Deakin University to become Australia’s first professor specialising in food law.

After ten years of providing a comprehensive online ‘index’ to other food websites & news services, it was time for Australian Food News to become a definitive food news source in its own right, so the site that you are viewing today – more like a true online news broadcaster than the online directory of old – is the place to find out what’s happening in the food industry – fast.

Fresh news and industry relevance has been the driving force behind the re-launched website, and Joe Lederman aims for it to become the place where every food professional gets up to date with trends, product launches, events & breaking news that could impact on their business.

“The new-look site aims to provide marketers with a medium to introduce their new products and services to the widest food industry audience at the lowest cost, and to remain a vital resource for industry professionals keeping abreast of what’s happening in the food industry today.” said Joe, “it really is ‘Thought for Food’.”