Beer drinking experience to be improved

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 6th May 2008

Alcoa, the company that invented the pull-top aluminum can, announced on Friday that it has worked with Ball Corporation and Coors Brewing Company to introduce the Vented Wide Mouth Can – the industry’s first-ever can with a built-in vent that enables consumers to enjoy a smoother pour.

“In 1962, Alcoa invented the first pull-top aluminum can, which revolutionized the beer and soft drink industries,” said Ann Whitty, Vice President and General Manager of Alcoa Rigid Packaging Division. “This latest invention allows consumers to drink beer out of a can while enjoying a smoother pour, delivering a draft-like experience by reducing the vacuum.”

Alcoa, Ball and Coors worked to develop the 204 diameter Vented Wide Mouth end Testing and trials were conducted at Alcoa and Ball to deliver the invention.

Coors Brewing Company and Ball Corporation are joint venture partners of Rocky Mountain Metal Container, LLC, and jointly operate Coors’ can and end facilities in Golden, Colo., one of the largest aluminum can manufacturing facilities in the world. The 204 Vented Wide Mouth Can ends for Coors are produced in Golden, Colo.