Wrigley’s launch new products based on extract to cure bad breath

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 23rd May 2008

A tree-bark extract to cure bad breath is part of a wave of new ingredient innovations that have been unveiled in recent times.

The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company has given visitors to the All Candy Expo in America a first look at Eclipse gum and mints, which the company announced will be the first in the U.S. to include magnolia bark extract (MBE) – a natural ingredient proven to help kill the germs that cause bad breath. MBE has origins in traditional Chinese medicine and the introduction of the new products follow a 2007 Wrigley study which revealed the germ-killing benefits found in MBE.

“Now people will get the best of both worlds in their favorite Eclipse gum and mints — great taste and the ability to help kill germs that cause bad breath,” said Paul Chibe, Wrigley’s Vice President of North American Gum Marketing. “For Wrigley to offer this natural germ-killing ingredient is a breakthrough in the breath-freshening gum and mint categories.”

Eclipse gum with MBE will appear on US store shelves in September in Spearmint, Winterfrost, Polar Ice, Peppermint and new Fresh & Cool flavours. The Eclipse mint varieties with MBE will also be available in September 2008 in Spearmint, Peppermint, Winterfrost and Cinnamon Inferno flavours.

Additionally, Wrigley’s are seeking to capitalise on the recent strength of the ‘fruit gum’ category with the launch of a new sugar-free range called ‘Extra Fruit Sensations’. The Candy Expo also saw the introduction of a new slim-line pack for a number of their brands, including Extra and Juicy Fruit, and the new packaging could be seen in Australia in the next couple of years.