Kraft look to increase supermarket sales with “Wall-to-Wall” strategy

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 11th July 2008

As trying economic conditions dampen consumer confidence and spending in the US, Kraft has implemented a new strategy to help drive supermarket sales of their brands.

The “Wall-to-Wall” sales concept has resulted in a change in the method by which Kraft representatives work with retailers.

In essence it has led to greater contact and communication, with many Kraft sales reps now frequenting stores on a daily basis in an endeavour to boost sales.

The reps are responsible for the majority of Kraft products, from biscuits to sauces to peanut butter. They are there to ensure stock of Kraft product on shelves does not get too low while also working with store managers on special promotion displays.

And it appears to be working as, since heavy expansion of the strategy began in 2007 (first tested in 2004), sales have increased. Todd Hanus, Vice President for Sales Operations and Strategy, told Reuters that sales in the year to April 30 indicated a one per cent increase at stores where the “Wall-to-Wall” program was in place compared to stores where it was not.

At a time when cost pressures are mounting on food manufacturers and consumers are looking for cheaper products any improvement in sales will be welcomed by companies looking to gain an edge in an increasingly competitive environment.