Heinz to refresh Baked Beanz brand

Posted by Editorial on 15th July 2008

Heinz is set to drop the word ‘Baked’ from it’s iconic ‘Baked Beanz’ product citing difficult pronunciation and a need to refresh the brand. The product will remain the same but the name ‘Heinz Baked Beanz’ on the packaging is to be replaced by ‘Heinz Beanz’.

They have been known as ‘baked’ beans since 1886, though there was an update to the name of the product in 2004 when the spelling of ‘Beans’ was changed to ‘Beanz’ in order to provide a link to their famous ‘Beanz meanz Heinz’ tagline.

The name change is part of their endeavour to promote the product as a healthy choice, which is symbolic of the current desire of manufacturers to push their health credentials.

“Heinz Beanz have been powering the nation for over 100 years, and to say thank you to our loyal fans, we have given this iconic product a 21st century makeover,” John Alderman, Marketing Manager for Heinz, said. “The new health messaging on the back of pack shows Heinz¹s commitments to health, which over the last five years has seen a 30% cut in added salt of Heinz Beanz.”

The new cans will be on sale from August in the UK.