Coca-Cola face legal action over use of “Zero” trademark

Posted by Isobel Drake on 30th July 2008

Coca-Cola Zero has proven to be one of the company’s most inspired product launches but a Chicago businessman is now initiating legal action against the company amid claims they stole the idea from him.

Businessman Mirza Baig is requesting that the Chicago Federal Court ban the Coca Cola Company from using the “Zero” trademark on any of their products and asking for profits from sales of Zero-brand drinks. He claims that he started selling Naturally Zero Canadian spring water some ten years ago and then offered to sell his business to the beverage giant about two years before they launched Sprite Zero.

“Coca-Cola’s acts were undertaken in bad faith,” he said in the complaint he filed with the court, suggesting that the idea for the branding of Coke Zero and Sprite Zero was stolen after executives met with him.

Coca-Cola will dispute the allegations, believing the businessman has no “valid claims”.

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