Convenience store takes new tact to selling beverages

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 4th August 2008

Fred’s Minit Mart, an American convenience store, recently announced their self-branded fountain drink line (Minit Mix), which involves the company changing the way they sell their beverages.

Minit Mix machines offer sixteen different soft drinks, flavour syrups on demand and “pellet” style ice. Unlike many fountains, customers can choose between PepsiCo, Dr. Pepper and Coca-Cola products and mix them with the four flavour syrups available: vanilla, cherry, raspberry and lime. Other flavours are reportedly on the horizon, and will change to reflect customer preferences.

“Minit Mix lets our customers decide what’s best rather than trying to sell them on our bottled drinks,” claimed Jerry Goff, Director of Operations for Fred’s Minit Mart. “You decide how much ice, how much flavour-you make every drink your own creation.”

Minit Mart is also looking to listen to the opinions of their consumers so they can pass on advice about ideal combinations. “If you come up with a great new flavor combination, let us know,” said Goff. “We’ll help you spread the word about it.”

Drink recipes are quickly becoming conversation topics in area Minit Mart’s. Classic options like cherry flavored Coke and limeade (Sprite, with lime flavor) are very popular. A favourite in Minit Mart’s headquarters is a liquid version of the Creamsicle (Orange Fanta and vanilla syrup).

Besides allowing customers to create their own beverage, its other alteration to the norm is the number of diet options. Many fountain outlets offer only one or two diet flavours; normally Diet Coke and/or Diet Pepsi. Minit Mart offers six – Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Mountain Dew, Sprite Zero and Coke Zero.