“Food champion” introduced to promote quality local produce

Posted by Editorial on 7th August 2008

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has appointed a former journalist to the position of London “food champion”.

Rosie Boycott, former editor of the Independent on Sunday and the owner of a small organic farm, is to take on the position as Chair of London Food, with the task to improve Londoners’ access to healthy, locally produced and affordable food.

Boris Johnson was excited about the appointment, believing quality local produce needs to brought to a more diverse range of Londoners. “I am hugely excited that Rosie Boycott has agreed to chair the London Food Board and champion the provision of high-quality, nutritious food in the capital,” he said. “Rosie is as passionate as I am about the importance of locally produced, affordable food to our health and well-being as well as the role food can play in protecting our environment. Rosie is bursting with great ideas on how we can boost the level of top-notch food grown locally and support London’s local, independent food industries and smaller shops.”

“With rising fuel and food prices, it is common sense that we look again at the role food can have in improving our quality of life and in protecting our environment now and for future generations,” he added.

Rosie Boycott is hoping to use her position to decrease “wasteful practices” in the industry. “There are many aspects of our current food system which are damaging our environment through wasteful practices and producing poor quality food,” she claimed. “It simply does not need to be the case that Londoners cannot have access to locally produced, top quality food, but we have to have a radical rethink to find ways to make this happen. It is my mission to now to help find and deliver these solutions for the capital’s homes and businesses.”