Tesco launch “£5 a day” plan

Posted by Editorial on 12th August 2008

Supermarket aisle - shopping trolley

The UK’s leading retailer, Tesco, has unveiled a “£5 a day” meal plan, which will highlight to consumers the potential to feed a family of four for such a low cost as consumers begin to struggle with the high cost of living expenses.

A Tesco chef has created a special seven day meal plan including meat, pasta, ice cream and enough fruit and vegetables to merit each family member getting three healthy meals including their five vegetable portions a day. The chef’s menu comes out at a total price of £32.68 for the week.

The Tesco strategy is indicative of the current situation in the UK with the major supermarkets all trying to position themselves as the cheap alternative. Many promotional campaigns are now dedicated toward highlighting the capability of a family to feed themselves for a low price despite the high inflation rates.

Tesco Food Marketing Director Sidonie Kingsmill claimed that the “£5 a day” goal was viable and advised that upmarket consumers are now embracing lower priced goods. “By using our seven day meal plan we’ve made sure that a family of four can have three meals a day for a week for around about a fiver a day,” she said. “In fact, a lot of the growth is coming from more upmarket customers who are just finding out what some of our more cash-strapped customers have known for ages – that our Value brand does exactly what it says on the tin: it gives great Value for customers.”