Processing project to provide vital confectionery ingredients

Posted by Editorial on 25th August 2008

Russian grain processor PAVA plans to manufacture a new line of high-added value products with the launch of an advanced wheat-based production plant. The plant will provide products such as all-in-one feed, starches, syrups, vital wheat gluten, carbon dioxide, monosaccharides (glucose and fructose) and alcohols.PAVA believes that the project has the potential to achieve improved results in a wide variety of sectors.

Syrup has an ability to increase the solvency of saccharose retaining its crystallization, which gives it a wide use in canning – for preparation of jam and marmalade to provide better viscosity, longer keeping time and improving flavour. Certain varieties of syrups are widely used in production of ice-cream and frozen desserts, which allows to lower the freezing point of the product and improve its solidity. It can also be used in the brewing process.

PAVA’s new plant is set to utilise new leading edge technology to provide extraction of all valuable components out of the kernel, therefore making the process virtually wasteless. Consequently, the project could provide the opportunity to increase yields of crops and produce high-added value products.