Donut King looks to expanding adult market with new range

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 25th September 2008

As advertising restrictions begin to get tighter on promoting products to children a number of retailers are starting to focus their attention on the more sophisticated adult market.

Donut King, which is preparing to launch their new ‘Sensations’ donut range, represents a sound example of the trend.

Donut King Marketing Manager Tracey Catterall said the new range was created to entice the adult sweet tooth and reinforce the company’s position in Australia’s competitive donut market. “We are seeing a fast growing demand among adult donut lovers together with a strong shift towards more adventurous and ‘grown up’ varieties,” she noted. “Australian donut lovers have become hungrier than ever for gourmet donuts, and Donut King’s latest Sensations range has a donut for every desire.”

Donut King coffee and donuts

Ms Catterall said Donut King’s Sensations range would help redesign the donut market by marrying more contemporary flavours with the traditional donut.

The result of eight months research and development, the Sensations range features donut flavours such as White Choc Marble, Banana Custard & Caramel, Apple & Rhubarb Crumble, Blueberry & White Chocolate, Cookies & Choc Mousse, Strawberry & Cream and Vanilla Glazed.

“The new Sensations range is designed specifically for mums and dads who enjoy donuts just as much, if not more, than their kids,” Ms Catterall added.

The national product launch will be supported by a half a million dollar advertising and integrated marketing communication campaign from advertising agency BCM, interactive marketing agency Oxygen and public relations agency BBS. The ‘luscious lips’ print advertising will be released together with an ‘adult themes’ radio advertising campaign and a pay TV campaign.

Donut King advertising campaign